CPU, which is often called just "processor", is an abbreviation for Central Processing Unit. That's the core of each and every computer or hosting server, due to the fact that it carries out each of the calculations and logical input/output functions. Despite the fact that that the performance of an Internet site or an application depends on other things as well, like the amount of physical memory or the connection of the hosting server, the rate at which a specific processor works determines how fast a program shall be executed. Later-generation processors have numerous cores which can significantly improve their overall power and efficiency, as every core can take on a number of processes individually or a few cores can deal with 1 process which requires a sizeable processing power. Because each and every core operates at a certain speed, this architecture can be viewed as a number of individual processors working together.

CPU Share in VPS Servers

We offer a wide variety of VPS server solutions which are ideal for various purposes. If you need a hosting server to gain root access, but you don't need a lot of processing power, for instance, you can purchase a lower-end package which includes less resources. The VPS will be set up on a physical server and our system shall assign a specific CPU share to it. If you want more resources in the future, you shall be able to upgrade to a more resource rich solution from the billing Control Panel, and due to the fact that each and every plan has a particular CPU quota your apps can utilize, the additional quota will be added to your existing account. The physical web servers where the virtual ones are created are equipped with 16-core, 3.0+ GHz processors and only a few VPS accounts are set up on a given web server, so you'll be able to use a virtual server that's as powerful as you want it to be.

CPU Share in Dedicated Servers

Our dedicated server solutions have various hardware configurations, so, based upon what you need the web server for and on your budget, you can find the suitable one for you. In addition to the various RAM and disk space allocations, every single package deal features different CPU shares too. The CPUs that we offer you have 2-12 cores, so you could pick the plan that will satisfy your needs best. With the most powerful package deal, any application which you run on the server shall run exceptionally fast regardless of the resources it needs and irrespective of how many people are using it at the same time, but even the lower-end plans are suitable for most sorts of Internet sites. The functionality of the CPUs is tested together with all the other hardware elements, as a way to make sure that the web server that we will hand over to you will work faultlessly and at 100% capacity all of the time.